I recently got a gym membership to the Y. I like that it's not to big nor to small. The facility is very clean, with cleaning supplies located throughout so you can clean up your sweat after your workout. There are plenty of senior citizens at the Y...which I enjoy because they are very friendly.
So, I did my first official workout this morning and...I worked my butt off! Ouch!!! Although I've been working out at home, I didn't have the resistance needed to challenge my lower body...and man did I feel it today! My thighs feel like jelly! There is something to say for doing weighted squats, I only did 45lbs, but that was all it took to show me how out of shape I have gotten. Just 6 months ago I was squating 150lbs easily. It takes only 2 weeks of inactivity to begin losing strength gains, so if you want to take a break from weightlifting don't go longer than 2 weeks. Now I have to start light and build up again.
Overall I'm back in the gym again and got a new strength building workout. I've tightened up on my diet...for real this time! I look forward to showing off my accomplishments in the next 3 months! =)