It's been along time since I've made and entry! Well, I haven't stopped exercising! Although, my diet has been on vacation since I've started my summer job. I am amazed that I never gain weight when I go off my diet. I beat myself up thinking I must have put on a few pounds, only to discover that I haven't gained a pound. There is something to be said about building muscle over enduring long hours of cardio.
My main emphasis with training is rebuilding and maintaining muscle. The reason is that muscle is our calorie burner! Over the past 3 years  I have managed to maintain my current weight of 115 pounds. This was possible only by eating sensible meals and continuous weight training. I don't do a lot of cardio, althought I know the benefits and how it could further remove my excess body fat, thusly revealing my sculpted muscles, lol. I've witnessed women spending hours on cardio equipment and spending very little time on the weights. And when they do use  weights the resistance isn't enough to stimulate muscle growth.  I've given up trying to help women understand the importance of chanllenging their muscles by lifting more. They just aren't interested. I now just focus on myself because I can only control ME! I'm not where I want to be yet, but I will one day. As for now, I am content with my level of health, not bad for a woman almost 50! 
    In conclusion, if I had to choose between doing an hour of weight lifting over an hour of elliptical training...I'd do the weight lifting =)