Boy did I eat and eat and eat...That food was soo good I pigged out for 4 days! Well, the holiday is over now and I'm back on track. Yep, I created a 7 day meal plan worksheet with 5 meals a day (I just can't seem to get 6 meals in me a day) I'm on a roll! I've incorported 2 vegetarian meals to cut back on my grocery bill. I keep my vegetarian meals simple by sticking with legumes plus a grain. I am actually very satisfied after these meals, must be the fiber in the beans.
I've been rebounding and balance boarding instead of running outside...hey, it's cold outside! The truth is I haven't cleaned the mud off my shoes since my last run, lol. I'll get it together, it's not like I haven't done anything =)
Over the holiday I pulled myself away from football long enough to exercise. I did a circuit so I could finish quickly. You can convert your regular exercise program into a circuit if you're pressed for time. This is done by doing one set of each exercise with no rest. You can do 1 or 2 circuits depending on how much time you have.
Well I did it! Added those body weight body is sore, lol. It's a good sore though. The body adapts to new stimuli very quickly, that is if you don't wimp out. I'm challenged to push my body progressively to each new level. My muscles have gotten firmer, especially my biceps! I just got to get those triceps in the same shape...I guess I'd call that temporary muscle imbalance. I've only been at it 3 weeks, so I've got to be patient.
My cardio hasn't faired to well. Can't seem to get myself up in the morning to run, nor can I pull myself away from my family at night to do it. I got issues =) I'd better work them out soon before it becomes a habit. At least my resistance training is on cue.
Homemade trail
Bricked off my path, now I just need some mulch =)

I completed my first week at home training. Decided to incorporate more body weight exercises to make up for the lack of weights. Those Bar-Starr guys that exercise on playground equipment inspire me because they use only body weight.  I'm looking forward to seeing my accomplishments within the next 8 weeks.
My weight remains the same after 24 weeks of training, that could only mean that I am gaining muscle and burning fat at the same rate. That's what happened the last time I checked my BF%.

I love getting stronger and alittle bigger. Not worried much about the BF for now because my focus is on hypertrophy! Plus it hasn't been a full year yet and I know it takes athletes years to sculpt their bodies from scratch. So why would I think I'm going to do it in 90 days, lol. Oh yeah, those crazy trainers in the infomercials promise the public if they do their workout they will look like them in 90 days, haha!
Muddy Shoes!
Well, it rained on my mini track yesterday and turned it into mud! I had to cut my run to 20 minutes because I had 2" of mud caked on my shoes! My feet got soo heavy and clumpy I just couldn't keep on going, plus the sun came out because I started at 6:30am instead of 6am (my bad).
There is no more rain in the forecast, thank goodness. So, to prepare for the next rain I'll be putting down a layer of mulch =o) I don't mind running in alittle rain, but I can't handle all that mud sticking to my shoes! 
I cleaned my shoes off and then thought about taking a picture, my bad =D

My Backyard
I have until the next rain to lay down some mulch!
I got to get busy!

I've always exercised at home, but the past 2 years I took advantage of my campus gym membership. The advantage for me was only the free weights. I miss having a real bench press stand, a power rack, roman chair, chin up bar, and a hex bar! Not having this equipment forces me to rely more on body weight exercise when neccessary. I'm sure that my upper body workout will be fine, it's the lower body that will one day be the problem. Because our legs are so strong it takes more resistance to stimulate muscle growth. I figure doing single leg exercises will do until I can get a squat stand.
I take pleasure in using my homemade Fartlek jogging trail. That's right, I created a mini track in my backyard. I stopped using it last year when it got cold and wet. I got up this morning at 6am, put on my sweats, turned the porch light on, and ran for 30 minutes(jog/power walk). The temperature was nice. The reason I don't run throughout my neighborhood is safety. Plus, my mini track is all dirt which makes running easy on my feet!
If you want your teeth really clean at the gum line try using a children's toothbrush. Yes, that's right! One weekend morning I needed a new toothbrush, but I was too lazy to drive out to the store and buy one. Then I remembered that I received 2 free toothbrushes at a health fair. I found the bag that I'd stored them in and discovered that they were for children! I didn't care I needed to brush my teeth. Well, I was amazed that my teeth were the cleanest they had ever been in years. I was actually able to remove all plaque at the gum line! If you think about it it makes perfect sense that the small head of the toothbrush did a better job of cleaning each tooth. The dentist never cleans my teeth with a large tool, so why am I? The only disadvantage is the short handle, if you've got large hands it can be a problem. I will never use another adult toothbrush as long as I live!
Thanks for visiting my web site! This site gives me the opportunity to communicate with people that are just like me. They are women in there 40's or about to turn 40. You want someone that isn't a body builder or a career athlete that's trying to sell you their workout. I provide personal insight on what it takes for the real average person to get into shape without drastic diets and unsustainable workouts.
I focus on overall health not just how much you weigh or what you look like naked. I work to improve the health of those that have aches and pains, prediabetic, prehypertensive,  risk of heart disease, and anything else that can be improved just by exercising. Losing weight is a side effect of my overall strength training ideology. Maintaining your physical independence as you age is more important than trying to fit into a dress size.

*Check back often as I continue to update my web site & enter important tips of health and fitness.
Stay Healthy~