Well I did it! Added those body weight exercises...my body is sore, lol. It's a good sore though. The body adapts to new stimuli very quickly, that is if you don't wimp out. I'm challenged to push my body progressively to each new level. My muscles have gotten firmer, especially my biceps! I just got to get those triceps in the same shape...I guess I'd call that temporary muscle imbalance. I've only been at it 3 weeks, so I've got to be patient.
My cardio hasn't faired to well. Can't seem to get myself up in the morning to run, nor can I pull myself away from my family at night to do it. I got issues =) I'd better work them out soon before it becomes a habit. At least my resistance training is on cue.
Homemade trail
Bricked off my path, now I just need some mulch =)



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