I've always exercised at home, but the past 2 years I took advantage of my campus gym membership. The advantage for me was only the free weights. I miss having a real bench press stand, a power rack, roman chair, chin up bar, and a hex bar! Not having this equipment forces me to rely more on body weight exercise when neccessary. I'm sure that my upper body workout will be fine, it's the lower body that will one day be the problem. Because our legs are so strong it takes more resistance to stimulate muscle growth. I figure doing single leg exercises will do until I can get a squat stand.
I take pleasure in using my homemade Fartlek jogging trail. That's right, I created a mini track in my backyard. I stopped using it last year when it got cold and wet. I got up this morning at 6am, put on my sweats, turned the porch light on, and ran for 30 minutes(jog/power walk). The temperature was nice. The reason I don't run throughout my neighborhood is safety. Plus, my mini track is all dirt which makes running easy on my feet!


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