I completed my first week at home training. Decided to incorporate more body weight exercises to make up for the lack of weights. Those Bar-Starr guys that exercise on playground equipment inspire me because they use only body weight.  I'm looking forward to seeing my accomplishments within the next 8 weeks.
My weight remains the same after 24 weeks of training, that could only mean that I am gaining muscle and burning fat at the same rate. That's what happened the last time I checked my BF%.

I love getting stronger and alittle bigger. Not worried much about the BF for now because my focus is on hypertrophy! Plus it hasn't been a full year yet and I know it takes athletes years to sculpt their bodies from scratch. So why would I think I'm going to do it in 90 days, lol. Oh yeah, those crazy trainers in the infomercials promise the public if they do their workout they will look like them in 90 days, haha!


Renee (NappyNFree)
11/23/2011 14:13

See, now I wish I could work out at home! It wouldn't work because I am l-a-z-y. :-)

I have to go to a gym. Plus, it keeps me motivated looking at fit men and women!


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