Boy did I eat and eat and eat...That food was soo good I pigged out for 4 days! Well, the holiday is over now and I'm back on track. Yep, I created a 7 day meal plan worksheet with 5 meals a day (I just can't seem to get 6 meals in me a day) I'm on a roll! I've incorported 2 vegetarian meals to cut back on my grocery bill. I keep my vegetarian meals simple by sticking with legumes plus a grain. I am actually very satisfied after these meals, must be the fiber in the beans.
I've been rebounding and balance boarding instead of running outside...hey, it's cold outside! The truth is I haven't cleaned the mud off my shoes since my last run, lol. I'll get it together, it's not like I haven't done anything =)
Over the holiday I pulled myself away from football long enough to exercise. I did a circuit so I could finish quickly. You can convert your regular exercise program into a circuit if you're pressed for time. This is done by doing one set of each exercise with no rest. You can do 1 or 2 circuits depending on how much time you have.


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