The holiday is almost over and I'm feeling fluffy. I've eaten so much  forbidden food that I refused to weigh myself... until yesterday. I knew I must have gained some weight because I was eating like there was no tomorrow (of course I'm exaggerating alittle). Anyways, I took the plung and got on my pink bathroom scale...and the gage was stuck! So I jumped on it until it moved. That should tell you how often I use the thing. Well, it finally moved! I fearfully stepped on expecting to have gained at least 3 pounds! I didn't gain anything!! Man! I was disappointed and relieved at the same time. I am trying to gain muscle, so I was looking to put on some weight. I'm hopeful that the fat loss is equal to the muscle gain, that could be why I weigh the same after many months of training. I just have that body type that doesn't gain weight easily (good) Well, I'm looking forward to making more strength gains in 2012! Not worried about getting cut, just glad to be healthy and strong =)


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