Lately I've been craving more salt and less sweetened breakfast foods. So, I've come up with some alternative meals. Each meal has a balance of fat, carbs, protein, and fiber (I always add a teaspoon of wheatbran to my oatmeal and grits). You can find my recipes under the new breakfast subtitle I created with the recipe page.
 The cost of eggs have gone up! I know longer can afford to buy several dozen eggs. But, coincidently there was a sale on tofu and cottage cheese, $.99 each. So, I stocked up on the tofu (put in the freezer) and purchased a few tubs of cottage cheese. What I like about these foods is the amount of protein per serving. A 1/4 cube of tofu supplies 10g and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese is 12g. You can't beat that!
I went back to my old favorite dried fruit this week...Dates! These are much better than raisins (to me). They do cost more, but, the flavor, texure, and sweetness is irresistable. This is a better alternative to candy.


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